Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Dying to Meet You, by Kate and M. Sarah Klise

      I liked this book. It had a sweet old lady ghost in it. An old house with 32 ½ rooms. A selfish writer of children's books who didn't like children. A kid whose best friend is a ghost, and whose parents abandoned him and went on a lecture tour in Europe, set on proving ghosts don't exist. It's a delightful blend of amusing, grim, and silly. Being presented entirely through written correspondences between several characters and a few newspaper clippings, Dying has enough visual stimulation to attract distracted readers (it's rated for 3rd or 4th grade levels.) The mean old guy learns to love again, the kid gets a new sort of family, and the ghost receives recognition and acceptance.
     Also, the author and illustrator are sisters. Their website states that their mother read them to sleep every night, their father was a writer, and they started writing and illustrating together before their teens. They loved E. B. White, The Phantom Tollbooth, Edward Gorey, Roald Dahl, and Garth Williams. I heartily approve. 
     I wouldn't be surprised if I found myself picking up some more of the Klise's books to enjoy. Who says grown-ups in their 20's can't read little kid books? Little kid books are brilliant. Well, the brilliant ones are, anyway. 

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  1. This totally sounds like something you'd like. Even the picture on the cover looks like something you'd like. hahaha!

    I love Phantom Tollbooth, but that's one of the FEW few few children's books I will read now. "But when I grew up I put away childish things."'s biblical. ;-) But don't take that too literally because I want to go on enjoying this blog. hahaha!