Wednesday, January 25, 2012

People by Blexbolex

      The works of French comic artist and illustrator Blexbolex took a while to catch on, and his first creations were self-published. But in 2009, Blexbolex received a prize for “Best Book Design of the World” for his L'Imagier des gens (2008) at the Book Fair of Leipzig.
     People is not just a simple picture book. About 200 pages long, each page sports a simple, stylized portrait of various kinds of people, identifying each in bold blue letters – some of my favorites being Farmer, Explorer, Soloist, Hermit, Gypsy, and Sandwich-Board Man. The facing pages usually correspond somehow, as with Fisherman and Fishmonger, Movie Watcher and Movie Director, Corpse and Retiree. The colors are bright, the shapes are simple, and there is no story involved, but People is engaging and fun.
     I enjoyed every page and laughed over the subtle (or sometimes obvious) humor embedded in the pictures. Everyone is a sunburned shade of bright orangeish-pink, the Mermaid and the Nudist aren't wearing enough clothes, and there aren't any Librarians, Airplane Pilots, Archeologists, or Crazy Cat Ladies, but I thoroughly enjoyed People and wouldn't mind adding it to my groaning shelves if I ever happened upon a copy.

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  1. A nudist not wearing enough clothes?!?! What is this world coming to?
    What an interesting book. I'd like to take a look at it sometime.