Thursday, January 3, 2013

In which the author determines to read again

Time ebbs and flows. When you come to the shore and the tide is midway between the rocks and the wide sandy beach, it's hard to tell if it's coming in or going out. But if you've been standing by the sea and watching the moon drag it across its allotted piece of land, and seen it come in and felt waves on your feet, you almost begin to wonder if the current will pull you in and you'll lose all track of how time is rushing on and on.
And then it slowly begins to ebb again.
I've been busy. Now, with the getting-married business well taken care of, I do believe there may be calmer seas ahead for a bit. So I went ahead and made a New Year's resolution - Read More Books. The last book I read was Bleak House, and I didn't actually read it because I only made it halfway, and then for a month there was pre-wedding madness, and then for another month there was settling-in. Truly, I've had a wonderful time - I enjoyed almost every minute of planning my wedding and have enjoyed every single minute of being married. But it's time to get reading again! I feel a book-shaped hole inside that must be filled.
So, I logged into GoodReads again (We can be friends!
This is me.) and was dismayed that the books it said I was currently reading were in fact the last books I had read - and that was two months ago. A little updating was in order, though, and I am ready to set forth on my grandiose intent to read a minimum of 50 books in 2013 - without, as my friend Heather said, resorting to Beatrix Potter. Think I can do it?
I'll have help with accountability. The book club that meets in my mother's home is continuing, for which I am most thankful. Additionally, I am jumping on board with the book club at Reading to Know, hosted by my personal friend Carrie. In January, the reading material is any and all L. M. Montgomery. I'm having a hard time deciding which books to read, but I put Among the Shadows on hold at the library- tales of the supernatural by the creator of Anne?? I must know! Additionally, I am going to try Anne of Green Gables on audio CD. I'm not a fan of audio books. But I have an hour of commute time every day now, and if it means I can get some semblance of reading time in, so be it. And if I'm lucky, soon I'll be reporting back on my reading conquests!


  1. Do not knock Beatrix Potter, until you try Beatrix Potter. All I'm saying. hahahaha! Yes, this is a good goal.

  2. Did you ever read A Tangled Web? I rather liked it. Right now I would dearly love to have my copies of The Story Girl and The Golden Road... :sigh:

  3. Oh, trust me, I am not knocking Beatrix Potter! It's just...they're a bit brief, you know?
    I have not read A Tangled Web. Perhaps I will try that one too - if I have time. :)